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本科 教育项目

Preparing professional educators

Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions you can be in today. Working with students, parents and colleagues is exciting and gratifying. Teachers stretch minds and transform people. 加入康考迪亚教育学院是你成为一名优秀教师的第一步!

Every instructor in the 教育学院 has taught at either the elementary, middle-school or high school level and many have taught more than one grade. Faculty also contribute their experiences as principals, 教练, and school counselors to the information you will learn in class. 您将从了解教育历史的专业人士那里学习,并努力使您成为未来最好的老师.

As you prepare for a career in education, 重要的是要知道,康考迪亚的教师资格认证项目是加利福尼亚州认证的资格授予机构. 康考迪亚大学欧文分校还通过密苏里州路德教会提供路德教教学证书培训. And if you wish to advance your career further, the School of Ed offers four Masters degrees and a Doctorate in Education.

We welcome you to the start of a career in teaching!


Doctor Michael Schulteis

Dr. 迈克尔W. Schulteis
Co-Director of 本科 Teacher 教育项目

Doctor 丽贝卡·斯坦顿

Dr. 丽贝卡·斯坦顿
Co-Director of 本科 Teacher 教育项目
(949) 214-3345

专业 & Certificates Offered


在您就读CUI期间,我们希望您获得成为一名优秀教师的最佳体验. 为了做到这一点,我们给你机会从你的第一堂课EDUC 101开始与K-12的学生一起工作, Introduction to Teaching.


Examinations and Assessments

在成为一名教师的过程中,你需要通过几项考试和评估. These are both state and federal requirements.

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